Don’t Become Sick Because of The Health Hazards Caused From Having Filthy Air Ducts and Furnaces

If nobody pays attention whenever your air ducts are unclean, you are basically inviting different possible health hazards into your household. That is why the air you breathe could directly affect your health. After a while air ducts, vents and furnaces will get stuffed with unwanted factors, for example dirt, fungi, bacteria and other destructive substances. Most of us spend from 60 up to 90 percent of our time indoors, as identified by the Environment Protection Agency. This means that if the oxygen we inhale in our properties is dirty then there is a high chance that people will be putting their health at risk.

The public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed that there have been 14,493 cases of Influenza alone in Canada during 2016. These cases have been throughout the country from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa in the east of the country to Vancouver on the west coast. There have also been reported influenza cases in Winnipeg in the mid south of the country and Victoria Island in the Northwest Territories.  A number of these cases could have possibly been avoided if the HVAC systems we use at home had been properly cleaned and maintained so that we breathe clean fresh air.
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Rodent Protection? Vancouver Learns To Dwell With Rats

Vancouver residents have formally been told they may need to simply learn to live with the rat as the population is still growing. Not great news for the majority of homeowners, who ask how they are able to shield their houses and garages from rats.

The irritating thing about rats is they’re extremely proficient at infiltrating and opportunists. Join that with people and the temperate in Vancouver when the weather soars and it iss an ideal breeding ground for them.

So what are the options for dealing with rats?

Do you have to go out and buy a number of cats to protect your property?

Below are some of the things you can do to prevent rats entering your property and building a nest.
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